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Cassandra Burgess

Cassandra Burgess

Art Education / MA

My name is Cassandra Burgess, I'm a full time professional artist in El Dorado County. I have an art studio in El Dorado Hills where I produce my art and teach.

As an artist, I work with paint, chalk, wood, metal and plaster. I can produce art in any size but I love to work big because it requires all your body and energy to create the artwork.

Art is a part of me. If I’m not creating then I’m not fully existing. Ideas are always flowing through me and it only depends on how I decide to express those ideas and when. There is no formula to art. I just do it.

As an educator, I absolutely love the energy and freedom art brings to a community. Whether you are making the art or viewing it, art is an impactful tool of expression. Developing students as artists is my main passion. What drives me as an educator is teaching students it's possible to be an artist.


My Capstone Project entitled Raw Art took place in an old barn I converted into an art space.

My student-centered program works with developing the unique potential of each young artist – as well as learning how to collaborate with other artists. The program held an art show which allowed the student’s work to be showcased and celebrated with the public.

Please see my Capstone Documentary below.

Best Capstone Program Documentary 2019/20

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