Tong Li, Graffiti Fashion Art – Capstone Documentary

Tong Li

Art Education / MA

Hi! My name is Nicole!

I am an artist, designer and educator. As an artist, I enjoy creating artworks to express my life. I try to add a unique perspective to my works in order to make each piece memorable. As a designer, I communicated the brand and ideas of my clients in a creative way.

As an Art educator, I believe visual art education is an important part of a student’s complete education. Learning how to think creatively helps students make good decisions and problem solve. Through my experiences in various classrooms, I realize that each child is unique and needs a good educational environment where they can grow mentally, emotionally, socially and creatively. I want my future classroom to create an atmosphere where students can meet their full potential.


My Capstone Project focus was helping my students to find connections between Hip Hop music rhythms and the elements of art within graffiti fashion design, I also introduced my American students to Chinese Hip Hop music and videos which highlighted the universal nature of music. They learned about different cultures and built community with each other.

Please see my Capstone Documentary below:

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