Aishwarya Gajare

Aishwarya Gajare

Fashion / BFA

Aishwarya Gajare is a Dubai-born Indian who grew up influenced by Hindu culture. She began her artistic journey in high school, where she studied fashion for two years before interning at various design houses, gaining experience in everything from photography and e-commerce to styling and technical design.

While her artistic philosophy is heavily influenced by her upbringing, her knitwear always strives to answer one question: How can we enter a future if we have taken everything away from the past? To do this she revisits the events that shaped her country, the challenges it currently faces, and the survivalist mentality of its rural societies. Her unorthodox shapes represent cultural fluidity and her artistic expression looks to break down cultural barriers. She wants her work to shift how we perceive fashion, and help rewrite its politics.

Aishwarya is also actively conscious of the effect her work has on the environment, and strives to champion slow fashion and work with local suppliers.

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