Aikaterini Stamatopoulou

Aikaterini Stamatopoulou

Fashion / MA

Katerina Stamatopoulou is based in Athens, Greece.

Always been interested in why we wear what we wear. She firmly believes that many humanitarian sciences and studies such as philosophy, sociology, and psychology offer all the appropriate tools to examine and explain this phenomenon of the modern world. Undoubtedly, fashion is not only about clothes and makeup! It’s about how we connect with each other and our personal forms of expression. As a journalist, it’s her privilege to translate those expressions into words and stories we can share to better understand one another.

Having knowledge of sociology through her studies in European civilization and gained strong and spirited writing skills from her master’s program in fashion journalism allows her to research and author descriptive and fascinating fashion stories and editorials. Additionally, her years of professional experience as a graphic designer has given her a wide breadth of technical skills, including knowledge of layout design and typography, which are very beneficial in a publishing environment.

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