Mingyang Zhang

Mingyang Zhang

Fashion / BFA

Mingyang Zhang has been a student in the AAU knitwear design BFA program since 2016. He was raised in Harbin, China. As a child, he was highly influenced by his grandmother and every time he visited, she would crochet something interesting, inspired from the river near their home. He would sit quietly, observe, and learn. His grandmother’s example inspired Mingyang to follow his path in art.
Before Mingyang decided to go to University, he had already developed his basic drawing skills by sketching and gouache painting for two and half years in high school. As a sophomore in high school, he was selected to travel to San Francisco for an art study exchange. This experience caused Mingyang’s decision to go to the Academy of Art University to continue his art education journey. In the second year of his study in the AAU, Mingyang’s attention was caught by textile, development of design and stitches in knitwear. He began focusing his passion to learning and applying 3D design in knitwear. Mingyang Zhang has participated many competitions such as CFDA 2019, CFF 2019, Colorama by Filmar 2017 and hopes to use his degree and skills in design to explore knitwear and create art through knitwear design.

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