Deep Creature Dice Roller by Carl Johnston
The Loyalty by Gen Hatakeyama
Three Hail Mary by Gen Hatakeyama
Pizza by Gregory Veizades
Rhino of Despair by Julia Salber
Porno Piggies by Julia Salber
Rhino Relief by Julia Salber
Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani by Kaleb Phillips
Regret by Yuan Jen Yu
Cthulhu Relief by Yuan Jen Yu
Mask by Al Minter
Mask 2 by Al Minter
Horned Skull by Carl Johnston
Jörmungandr Torc by Carl Johnston
Collection in Bronze

Collection in Bronze

Integrated Campaign

A collection of selected works from the Sculpture Department's bronze casting class. Students crafted wax molds and cast their own work at Academy of Art University's campus foundry.

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