Changhan Li

Industrial Design Winter Show 2020 / MA

I'm Changhan Li, but most people just call me “Chelsea.”
I am Chinese. I am confident that I will be a great industrial designer in my lifetime. I have strong teamwork and leadership skills. My ideas explode as an independent designer. I like to use my abilities to prove my strength, and not to just dress up my qualities with words. I have an advanced painting ability because I started painting at the age of five, and I once contributed to the book Industrial Design Painting Skills.

Product Description

This is a pen with a tip made of Inkless Metal, which gives it impressive durability. The unique material of the tip makes this pen even more special. I designed an elegant shape for this pen and I hope more artworks will be shown through it in my life even though it is just a pen. The elegant people deserve elegant works of art.

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