José Castelazo

Industrial Design Winter Show 2020 / BFA

French and Mexican nationality, loves to travel, to meet new cultures and learn from them. Enthusiastic about anything related to design, form development, problem solving and design thinking. Avid learner about any subject, especially languages, currently learning Japanese.

Proclamation Aqua

The Proclamation Aqua is a statement of sustainability, because every drop counts. This product was geared to use water that otherwise would be wasted from washing your dishes by hand and use it for growing herbs in your kitchen.

Not only you get to use your own home grown herbs in your cooking but you help the environment reducing carbon emissions by not buying supermarket herbs.

Oru Kayak - Kayakimal & Rivulet

Inspired by my childhood going to Kayak with my family and specially with my dad, the Kayakimal and Rivulet are geared towards strengthening families' connections and creating new experiences. They are an addition to the Oru Kayak line up. They form the bridge of learning about Kayaking for Kids and are the training wheels before jumping into the bigger Kayaks such as the Oru Kayak Inlet. Kids, pets and adults can enjoy from the bonds created through Kayaking.

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