Mingzhe Fu

Industrial Design Winter Show 2020 / MA

Hi, my name is Mingzhe Fu. My grandparents are all engineers, and my father is a super fan of vehicles. My mother would support anything related to my studying unconditionally. Since influenced by the family environment in my childhood, I’m very interested in all kinds of transportation and mechanical things. Logically, I studied vehicle engineering in my undergraduate degree. However, I always keep a high passion for industrial design. I deeply understand that combining design and engineering would be great, so I definitely choose to study design to be an industrial designer.

Description of the product:

The tail holder provides a new way to organize the closet. It makes full use of the vertical space that we usually ignore.
The tail shape of the hook provides high stability of hanging on the hanger.
A kind of new translucent material lets customers see the color of the sachet behind. Different color represents different scent sachet, the customers can pick any sachet base on the scent or color they like.
Also, a set of the ensemble is available by using the tail holder that can save a lot of time from struggling with which outfit to wear. Even more, functions are waiting for customers' exploration.

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