Muhan Zhang

Industrial Design Winter Show 2020 / MA

I’m Muhan Zhang. Before coming to AAU to study Industrial Design, I studied science, mechanical engineering and technology. Outside of the design studio, basketball, snowboarding, and drama are my passions. And both inside and outside of the design studio, I enjoy imagining the future and creating for it.

Exhale is an incense holder for modern life. It can help people strike matches easily so that the incense can be lit with one hand. There are two magnets in the holder. The magnet can help people separate the body and bottom conveniently. In this way, people can clean the ash quickly. Besides, after frequent use, people only need to replace the cone in the middle. It is not only easy to replace but also environmentally friendly because people only need to replace one part of Exhale. The bottom part can hide the ash. There is a cork under the bottom part to keep Exhale stable. It can help to protect both Exhale and other furniture. The main body of Exhale is a special Thassos Marble. The surface is corroded and mixed with phosphorus. Thus, the match can be lit.

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