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Hyuckkeun Oh

Hyuckkeun Oh

Industrial Design / BFA

Hi, my name is Hyuckkeun Oh. I was born in Korea, and I have experienced for a year and 4 months as an industrial designer focused on the consumer products in San Francisco.

As a designer, I aim to become a sushi craftsman. Among the sushi dishes, the rice is the basic ground so that anyone can understand it, which is an “Easy Understanding”. On top of that, I express my fresh sashimi(fish), which is a “Creativity”. Between these, I'm going to plant wasabi, which is a “Humor”, that anyone can say, "Aha!". I believe, the “Design” is all about cooking and delivering the beauty of information, to make these 3 things worthwhile.

As a person, I'm proud to be a harmonious, passionate, and balanced man!
I want to be with you!

Galaxy Loop

The smart ring is considered to be the next generation of small wearable devices, more and more features are added into the smaller size. However, rather than creating a smart ring, I wanted to find a solution to the ring's essential meaning and relationship and communication. Smart devices are already embedded in our daily lives pose a number of problems, including lack of sleep, lack of communication and abuse of social media, people are seeking "Digital Well-Being." Digital well-being means that humans can no longer rely on devices and focus on things other than devices. The wearable device also provides a way to solve the problems of the relationship and at the same time assist the relationship to become more intimate. A wearable device to focus on your love and commitment together. - Using the Bluetooth connection, the device can automatically connect to your smart device and turn into the "Do Not Disturb" mode with a button and bezel ring controller. - Users can pre-set which apps are turning into "Do Not Disturb" mode through a Loop-App. - Users can send a vibration signals to each other by setting secret codes that are only known to each other and pressing buttons on the device. - The magnets built into the bottom of the device allow the devices to connect to each other and share the battery wirelessly.

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