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Fernando Diaz

Fernando Diaz

Industrial Design / BFA

I am a maker at heart and creating has always made me happy. Rapid prototyping is my strength. I am also a very fast learner with an excellent work ethic. Although I stumbled upon industrial design at the Academy of Art University I know it was meant to be.

Sky Pirates: Kraken Krackdown Product description

Sky Pirates: Kraken Krackdown is taking Hot Wheels to new heights, literally! Board the Sky Pirates ship and blast off into a high seas adventure. But be weary, the Kraken has awoken from his slumber. And is guarding his forbidden temple. If you miss boarding the ship, you face the wrath of the Krakens mighty tentacles. Get passed the Kraken and claim his hidden treasure. Over 5 ft of fun! Utilizing existing Hot Wheels tracks to create a new railway system never before seen in Hot Wheels. Are you ready for adventure, riches and glory?

Topo Table Product description

Topo creates a topographic display of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Made from natural Winter Birch layered wooden panels to create the topographic effect. These panels are being supported by three steel legs intersecting. The legs are being held together in the center by a cylindrical solid wooden wedge with a compass coin on top of the cylinder pointing north. This table is flat packed and easily to assemble. Get Topo shipped directly to your home and enjoy a designer coffee table not like any other.

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