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Team Aura Presentation
Citroen 2025

Citroen 2025

Integrated Campaign

Imagine the Citroen car brand in the year 2025 more seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle - home, work, recreation and adventure. How can mobility be part and parcel of your interior environment and your myriad of experiences within it?

Our IAD students worked in concert with the Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Web and New Media departments to set the tone for an interior design language that would echo into the home, workplace, showroom, and within the car itself.


Eryn Powers / BFA

Gabi Hirsch / BFA


Alfredo Silva-Iglesias / BFA


Emily Zi Chen / BFA

Group 1

Roma Patel / BFA

Team names above only reflect the IAD students who were a part of the projects.

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