The Puzzle Hotel - Gift Shop
The Puzzle Hotel - Lounge
The Puzzle Hotel - Hotel Lobby
The Puzzle Hotel - Cocktail Lounge
The Puzzle Hotel - Cocktail Lounge
The Puzzle Hotel - Restaurant
The Puzzle Hotel - Restaurant
The Puzzle Hotel - Restaurant
The Puzzle Hotel - Studio Room
The Puzzle Hotel - Studio Room
Reception Sketch
Restaurant arch wall sketch
2nd floor elevator lobby sketch
2nd floor elevator lobby lounge sketch
Reception desk

Karen Ann Jacob

Interior Architecture & Design / MA

Telling a great story through design has always been an interest for me. Eighth grade, I still remember looking at empty spaces, wondering and wishing, “Only if someone hired me to design this space”. Tenth grade, asking my parents to hire me to design our house, they thought I was kidding.

The passion carried me through with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture & Design. I love to relate the exterior to the interior or vice versa and am a creative professional who is driven by design narrative to develop unique ideas and evoke meaningful experiences. I believe that the conceptual design phase of a project is the driving force of a great interior. My design aesthetic is minimal and to create timeless design. I have a great eye for details, color matching and material selection. Some of my other design interests are graphic design and typography. I believe that graphics in an interior give more meaning and definition to a brand. Additionally another strong skill of mine is to create clear graphical presentations for a project and to keep the audience always intrigued. I am equally passionate about sustainable design strategies and climate responsive design. One of my most successful projects as a Junior Architect is a Pedestrian Bridge located in Doha, Qatar that was built in the year of 2018.

In my free time, you can find me singing and recording music, cooking, watching The Office over and over, sketching, practicing yoga and enjoying the outdoors.

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