Four Gentlemen (bowls - detail)
Photo by: Alphie Chen; Medium: Sterling silver, enamel, zircon, alexandrite; 1x2x2 in

Sabrina Hsu

Jewelry & Metal Arts / BFA

Sabrina Hsu was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and was raised in Brisbane, Australia, until the age of seven before moving back to Taiwan. She has had an enthusiasm for art since she was a child. Sabrina studied fine art in high school and excelled in sketching, oil color, watercolor, printmaking, and traditional Chinese painting.

In the summer of 2014, Sabrina took a jewelry class upon joining the pre-college program at Academy of Art University. She discovered that she had an interest in the field after completing the course, so she decided to study abroad in San Francisco. Currently majoring in Jewelry & Metal Arts at Academy of Art University, Sabrina is expected to graduate in spring 2020. She has participated in various art exhibitions and contests over the years, winning prizes in several fine art and jewelry competitions. As a fine artist and jeweler with two cultural backgrounds, Sabrina combines her learned skill sets with her personal, diverse experiences to create compelling and unique art pieces and jewelry.

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