Now You See Me (ring set)
Photo by: Shay Pfeiffer; Medium: Sterling silver, mixed gemstones, liver of sulfur; 1.25x1.5x1 in
Hide and Seek (ring)
Photo by: Shay Pfeiffer; Medium: 18k yellow gold, montana sapphires; 0.75x0.85x0.85 in

Shay Pfeiffer

Jewelry & Metal Arts / MFA

Shay Pfeiffer's artwork explores the idea of control and its effects on our daily lives. She chooses to use traditional metalsmithing techniques in unconventional ways to help show that beauty can lay outside the confines of complete and total control. By visually expressing this idea, its progression as well as its effects, she aspires to question the validity of the concept of control. Each piece is designed to be a clue that exposes the illusion of control. By revealing this, her hope is that people will realize that control is merely a figment of our own imaginations.

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