Catherine Cheuk

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

Catherine Cheuk studies cinematography at Academy of Art University. She wanted to be a filmmaker ever since she was in middle school. Her goal was to become a director. But when she got the chance to lay hands on the state-of-the-art cameras, she pivoted off the directing path she was on, and focused, instead, on cinematography.

Prior to college, Catherine's knowledge of film came from books and the Internet. Since studying at AAU, she now views films differently - through the eyes of a cinematographer's lens. She constantly finds herself walking down the street, observing individuals, their movements, the way the sun creates shadows.

Catherine is quiet and reserved, but is always attentive. She also perseveres, never gives up when setting a goal. She has faith in her abilities to be the implementer of a director's vision, and patiently awaits the opportunity to do so on a feature film sometimes in the future.

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