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Chenjiang "Chigga" Dong

Chenjiang "Chigga" Dong

Motion Pictures & Television / MA

Chenjiang is nearing the end of his career at Academy of Art University, and will be receiving an MA in Motion Pictures and Television with an emphasis in Directing. He received a BA in Design Direction from Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy.

Chenjiang speaks a few languages: English, Mandarin, and conversatioal Italian, which he hopes will one day coming in handy in a global co-production. His visual acuity is continually honed by the painting he does as a hobby. And Chenjiang is also familiar with Premiere Pro, Final Cut editing software.

He has experience directing, producing, DPing short films. His short film, Out of Options was recently nominated for Best Short Film in the 2020 NXTUP fest.

Chenjiang is gregarious and proactive in getting his projects made. If you are interested in his work, please feel free to contact him.

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