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Tianchu "Constantino" Xu

Tianchu "Constantino" Xu

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA

I majored in animation when I attended college in China, but it was my affinity for photography that got me part-time gigs during and after college. I photographed quite a few weddings, and worked on experimenting with exposure and camera positions. I began getting gigs in the camera department and became a camera operator and 1st AC.This led to the opportunity of laying my hands on the RED and ARRI.

They were game changers for me. The motion images were more vivid and captured my interest. Camera movement became my passion, and my desire to perfect moves became my obsession. I also became intrigued about the lighting component of shot composition, and its importance when filming.

For all of these reasons, I chose Academy of Art University, a place that provided state-of-the-art camera systems, professional soundstages, working professionals to teach me skills, and lots of opportunities to film in all formats with professional actors.

My future goal is to find work on a camera crew, working as a camera operator or gaffer on shorts, honing my skills and putting me in a position to crew in the same positions on a feature film with the eventual goal of working as a cinematographer.

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