John Alexander Durr

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MA

John Alexander Durr's time studying Sound Design for Visual Media online through AAU was a hugely worthwhile experience. Despite being on the opposite side of the country from San Francisco in Rochester, NY, he was truly able to see his skills develop and mature each semester.

Today, Durr uses his skills in recording, mixing, composing, editing, and sound design professionally through freelance endeavors. He has edited and mixed MIDI recordings for local composers who are looking for more accurate representations of their music than what Finale or Sibelius can produce. He also tracks musicians for a local alternative culture magazine called Floated. These recordings are used for live session videos that promote local, national, and international artists. He has also utilized music editing skills for promotional videos for Rochester bands, with most of this work directly benefiting Durr's own band. He is constantly looking for ways to keep his range of skills fresh!

The four videos in his Final Review Demo Reel are quite different from Durr's current work, but each was a joy to create. They pushed his abilities and helped him develop a level of proficiency in each respective skill. The first and last videos showcase music editing. The second and third videos highlight sound design, though the third video is also an example of original composition. All videos showcase Durr's mixing skills. He hopes you enjoy!

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