Joseph Totino

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MA

Joe Totino is an audio engineer, sound designer, and composer from New York City. He has been working in the audio industry for the last 8 years, and currently works as a senior audio technology instructor.

His interest in the industry began at a young age, when he received a portable recorder from his parents as a holiday gift. He quickly became infatuated with recording sounds, manipulating them with effects, and writing music daily. He knew early on that he wanted to pursue music and sound as a profession, and spent much of his free time learning to craft his skills.

He received a B.A. in Music and Sound Recording from the University of New Haven in 2015. During his time at UNH, he frequented a number of studios in the tri-state area both as an intern and a freelance engineer. Working at Dubway Studios, Totino assisted on a number of TV sessions for Nickelodeon. He worked under Fab Dupont, owner and engineer at Flux Studios with clients like Shakira, David Crosby, Mark Ronson, and Bon Jovi.

Upon completing his undergraduate program and after working for several years in the field, Totino decided to pursue teaching. His mother was an educator and his father a photographer, so it was natural for him to pursue teaching within a creative medium. During his early years of teaching, he developed a dedication for doing audio work in the visual media world. Having mainly worked in music, disciplines like sound design and scoring for picture were new and extremely exciting to him. This drive was the main reason he decided to pursue a MA with Academy of Art University. He wanted to find a place to round out his education and network with fellow creatives. During his time at ArtU, he fell in love with audio post work.

Currently, Totino teaches higher education in New York City, managing audio post courses. Additionally, he works as a freelance engineer, continuing to provide recording, mixing, and mastering services for artists. He is also a contributing composer for a number of music libraries focused in the film and TV industries. As a sound designer, his personal goals are to record a new sound every day, grow his arsenal of tools, and look for new challenges to take on and creatives to collaborate with.

The work that was selected for this year’s Spring Show is Joseph Totino's Demo Reel from Academy of Art University. Despite being in the Sound Design program, he took a significant number of courses from the Music Scoring & Composition program as well. The reel showcases a variety of styles, as well as highlights some of the work he is proudest of. He hopes you enjoy watching and welcomes any and all feedback.

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