Sophia Minardi

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / BFA

During her time at Academy of Art University, Sophia Minardi was fully immersed into the world of audio and sound. Coming from a musical background, she had some idea that the music and audio industry played important roles with regard to the entertainment business. She decided to attend Academy of Art University because she was specifically fond of learning more about creating audio and becoming a composer.

However, throughout her first two years, Minardi realized that she had a passion for sound design. Once she was sure that this was the path she wanted to pursue, she changed her major from Scoring & Composition to Sound Design after her second year. That decision proved pivotal because now not only will she be able to rely upon her experience being a composer, but she can also dive deep into the world of sound design.

Minardi's demo reel features the work she has done over the past two years that best reflects her knowledge and strengths. There are several works that are specific to dialogue editing. To Minardi, dialogue editing is an art form that many people overlook. It is important in all types of media that the speaking voice be clear and clean, and this principle is made evident in Minardi's reel. The reel also exemplifies her sound design skills both in a mobile game and in animations.

Minardi's goals after graduation are to be hired by a company that works closely in developing sound and editing different forms of media. She would like to start off as an associate editor and work her way up over many years of training and learning in the field to become a re-recording mixer. After talking to several re-recording mixers herself, and getting a closer idea at working for the industry during my internships, Minardi finds herself not only excited for the future but very determined to perfect her craft in sound editing. She hopes you enjoy her reel!

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