SeongYoung Hwang

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / BFA

SeongYoung Hwang made his final demo reel with 5 different visual media. Some of them are animation and some of them are commercials and documentaries. Hwang wanted to use his music composition skills for various kinds of visual media. He refers to this demo reel as “Colorful” because each work has various corresponding colors and emotion.

The title of the first work is “The Story of Heaven,” one person’s story about how she started taking photgraphts. For this work, Hwang was responsible for the music scoring. The second work is a re-score of a commercial for the women's high fashion brand, Glassons. The third is a scene from the film Paperman (2012) where Hwang was responsible for the rescore and for sound design. Fourth is a scene from a documentary called Falklands War, where Hwang composed the score. The fifth and last work is a re-scored commercial for Optum for which Hwang redesigned the soundscape. The beginning and end of the reel features his original logo as well as his signature sound design work.

Hwang's greatest professional strength is his skill in music composition. He loves to express his emotions through music. Moreover, when he has visual media that to create from, he can bring a unique interpretation and come up with great music that can deliver the emotion of the original visual media.

Hwang's major career goal is to use the full palette of his musical skills to make colorful music for commercials.

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