Yibo Zhu

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MA

Yibo Zhu began his musical journey playing guitar in high school. At that time, music and his guitar became his soulmates that comforted his spiritual world. His passion for music brought him a gift: a music score from a dream of his. Because of this, he began to believe that he might be a gifted musician, and music could be his life choice.

When he went to college, the only thing he wanted to do was play guitar in a band. And because of his devotion to music, he gathered a community of musicians around him. One friend showed him how to write music using a computer program, and it was like a brand new world opened up with infinite possibilities in it. Zhu released his first album when he finished his undergraduate education.

After graduation, he struggled for several years for a living playing guitar, but he never lost his passion for music. As a result of his hard work, he found work composing and arranging music for a TV program. Zhu's family finally accepted his life choice for music and supported his decision to study at ArtU.

Zhu's featured work, a film created as a collaboration with other Academy students, is a huge indicator of what he has learned since arriving at the University. He is hugely appreciative of the chance to work with his fellow students and create something he is truly proud of. He eagerly welcomes feedback on the film!

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