Yinghui Wang

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MA

Growing up in a small town in northern China, Yinghui Wang played keyboard at a local Christian church at age eleven. During high school, she decided to major in classical piano to respond her enthusiasm for music. This passion encouraged her to get a BA in Musicology at the School of Music at ZhengZhou University. In 2016, she entered a language school in the U.S., and played as a MIDI keyboard and piano accompanist at a Christian church in Santa Clara, California.

In December 2017, she applied for the Music Scoring & Composition major in AAU. After one and a half semesters of learning, she understood the depth of her fascination with Sound Design. During that time, a film named Dunkirk also triggered her passion for sound. All of this prompted her to change her major to from Music Scoring & Composition to Sound Design. Moreover, in church, she started to help the audio engineer to set up signal flow, to control the mixing console for live worship, and to participate in the post-production process of testimony and sermon videos.

In the fall semester of 2019 at AAU, she completed the Final Review and graduated with a high GPA under professors’ guidance. After equipping herself with a MA in Sound Design from AAU, she has now built up strong foundations in audio production and teamwork ability.

In November 2019, she was referred by a friend to a director of a fantasy binaural podcast series in WBT, Inc.. She passed the interview and got the internship. As part of this wonderful team, she works with the director on listing audio assets, recording foley and ADR using binaural microphones, and participating in editing and mixing. She would love to hear your thoughts on her work.

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