Yu Han

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MFA

Yu Han is a skilled composer from Tianjin, China. She has been playing piano for 18 years and pursued Piano Performance as her undergraduate major. During my undergraduate studies, Han collaborated with other instruments such as the cello, violin, accordion, and clarinet. She played multiple concerts a year in these collaborative environments. Throughout this time, she praticed improvisation and played some of her own music on the piano.

Because of these experiences, Han gradually realized that she loved making music and that it is extremely fun for her. By that time, she was looking for an opportunity to learn more about music production. So, after one year of working, she decided to come to the Academy of Art University to study Music Production.

At Academy of Art University, Han feels herself becoming the person she always dreamed about. During her time at the Academy, her skills have matured and she has found ways to use everything she has learned in classes to create work that genuinely moves her. Her ultimate goal is to compose and produce music specifically for visual media, and her featured work constitutes a step in that process. She hopes you enjoy!

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