Jojo Ma, Prevent Bullying With Social Emotional Development – Capstone Documentary
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Chun Ying Ma (Jo Jo)

Chun Ying Ma (Jo Jo)

Art Education / MA

Hello, my name is Jo-Jo Ma. My students always called me Teacher Jo Jo or Ms. Ma. My children sometimes address me as Teacher Mama instead of Mom. It does not matter what people call me. It does not change my love of art and teaching.

I am lucky to have been able to study at the Academy of Art University. I majored in Fashion Design for my Bachelor’s degree, and I will be graduating with a M.A. in Art Education this Spring. I have learned many skills, ideas and wisdom in all of my courses. The fieldwork and internships allowed me to move from theory to practice which will help ensure that I will be successful in my future classrooms.


My capstone project’s focus is Social-Emotional skills which help children to show empathy, disagree respectfully, and practice restorative processes in conflict issues. Creating an empathy doll to represent a self-image will allow students to express feelings and develop positive communication skills. This Creative Art program will support students to positively navigate the challenges of living in a diverse and complex world.

Please see my Capstone Documentary below.

Head Hands Heart Award Recipient, 2020

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