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Elizabeth Marcial

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I was born and raised with Mexican roots in the small city of Moreno Valley, California. I took the journey to study at the Academy of Art University in 2013, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art in 2017 and a Masters of Arts in Teaching in 2019 (with a K-12 Art Teaching Credential.) To further my thirst for learning, I have explored historical sites of Mexico, South Korea, Italy and Japan – visiting art and history museums, learning the countries’ cultures, and seeing the differences and similarities in their architectures. My travels enticed me to paint diverse environments and teach what I have discovered through my adventures to my young students. I am currently pursuing my passion in teaching the visual arts at Bret Harte Middle School in Oakland.

As an art educator, I have explored the fundamentals of creative thinking and self-growth to help open the minds of adolescents. I have learned first-hand how the power of art can help students at risk to express their frustrations and find hope through their self-motivation and imagination.


My Capstone Project focus was my final curriculum unit for my student teaching semester. I introduced the artist Banksy, who uses paint and stenciling to spread messages about social and political issues. Students discussed their opinions about activism art, researched a focus topic or issue, and showcased their final stenciled images.

Please see my Capstone Documentary below.

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