Ash Lewin

Industrial Design / BFA


Design process has become an essential way for me to channel my energy and optimism for the future. My passion stems from a broad appreciation of vehicles, ranging from bicycles and motorcycles to cars and semi trucks. I draw from my own journey and perspective with humility and always try to “live in the question.” This allows me to be open to the answers that arrive through discovery, shared experiences, and the perspective of others. I believe that when it comes to creating a better future for our planet, the “whole” is truly “greater than the sum of its parts” and we must combine our best efforts to solve the problems we face today.


The 2040 McLaren S-Works Volar hypercycle represents a paradigm shift from the pattern of exponential increases in hyper car power, to a new emphasis on pinnacle human performance achieved by seamlessly integrating AI, biometrics, aerodynamics, and biomechanics. Thereby, creating an exponential increase in efficiency with a more thrilling experience.

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