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Charles Yusheng Zheng

Charles Yusheng Zheng

Industrial Design / BFA

My name is Charles Yusheng Zheng. I am a Transportation Design student at the Academy of Art University. Whenever I’m modeling in clay, I like to design and fabricate my own custom tools for specific projects, in order to improve the quality and speed of my work. I also use Maya and Alias to expedite my workflow and resolve my ideas. I’m an easy-going person who works well in teams. Although I studied fine art informally for 18 years, I will receive my BFA in Industrial Design in Fall 2020.

2025 Mazda Miata

The Miata has always been my dream sports car. I tried my best to design the fifth-generation Miata using Mazda’s new Kodo design language. The most challenging part of creating this model was making it retain the look of a Miata while incorporating the new design language and maintaining the free-spirited feeling of the original. I started the model in clay, in order to figure out the proportions; then I did a 3D scan of it and finished it up in Maya.

2025 Porsche 959

This is a Porsche 959 concept project that I designed using the current Porsche design language. It is a clay modeling focus project. While I was doing my clay sketch model, I 3D scanned the clay model after I had made a number of design changes. Next, I 3D-modeled certain parts which are hard to model in clay, such as the spoiler, headlights, and wheels, based on the 3D scan data. Finally, I used 3M DI-NOC adhesive film to perfect the appearance and quality of the surfaces.

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