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David Incheol Chung

David Incheol Chung

Industrial Design / BFA

My name is David Chung, I’m an Industrial Design students graduating spring 2020 from Academy of Art University. I have a lot of interest and enthusiasm for Automotive Design, not just on the appearance but also on the way cars can be designed to be life-changing products, leading us closer to perfect mobility solutions for all.

Lexus Absrob

The concept of ABSORB is to introduce Lexus's hypercar in 2030. Inspired by the word "absorb," Visualize the heat sink function with the exterior. It maintains performance at the same time as discharging heat, which is a problem with electric cars.

Audi Stern

The concept of Stern is to introduce Audi's futuristic, high-performance compact SUV in 2035. Inspired by the word "mystique," it features the concept of external separation with unique storages, creating small, beautiful, but strong forces in a variety of environments to increase its activity.

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