Legend of Hydra: Castle Falls
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Elan Hawkins

Elan Hawkins

Industrial Design / BFA

For the past three years, I studied under professional designers with the goal of working for a major corporation where I can continue my love for product design. In addition to design, I have a strong background in illustration. With innovative thinking and colorful expression, I want to make a major impact on the world and the people around me.


Embrace is one of a line of shoes from the company RARE by Goodwill. Today, charity stores have a huge problem with receiving soiled, torn, or otherwise unsuitable clothing that can't be sold or given away. Embrace is a shoe that reuses those specific pieces of clothing, as textiles to create unique, one of a kind footwear that is sold through Rare.. Sustainable material options such as knitting fabrics from plastic bottles, or organic materials are great when it comes to reducing the amount of harmful waste in our environment but still add to the carbon footprint.. The use of pre-existing fabrics helps avoid problems associated with producing new textiles for the manufacture of shoes.

Legend of Hydra: Castle Falls

Legend of Hydra: Castle Falls is the story of a beautiful warrior who travels the land in search of her father’s trident. While on her journey, she comes head to head with a dangerous serpent. My goal is to preserve what makes a “Hot Wheel” and create a new playset that exhibits the events that take place within this storyline. I decided to revolve my project around encouraging narrative on the track. Male and female children enhance their play with the adventures and characters.

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