Ding Ding Hu

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA

Ding Ding Hu is an enthusiastic young producer, continually challenging herself on her quest to be a professional creative and line producer. She has two years’ experience while living in China: as screenwriter and director, which led her to gain the stamp of approval by the film industry. When she realized that she needed to learn more, she quit her job, and flew thousands of miles to enroll as an MFA student in Academy of Art University, where she is currently majoring in film producing.

During her one-and-a-half-year residency, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, which has already resulted in her producing a six-episode webseries, a short film thesis film, and UPMing several others. Ding Ding is known for her calm demeanor under pressure, her organizational skills, and her ability to communicate with all departments.

Ding Ding has the confidence to problem solve on her own, to solicit advice when she is unsure how to troubleshoot, and to delegate tasks to others in an appropriate manner. She brings energy and passion to everything she does, and her enthusiasm makes the people she works with even more motivated to do a great job.

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