Jun Eom

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MFA

Director, editor, sound designer, and actor Junseok Eom created an experimental short film combining two things: his birth and the birth of cinema. Because feels that the two are strongly related, he decided to mix the story of his life and the history of cinema together. According to Eom, there are some crucial elements to cinema such as steam power, the sewing machine, the train, and so on which allowed the cinema to be born and grow. He made an extra effort to show and represent those elements in this film. Eom believes that a film editor such as himself is quite similar to a tailor in that they both sew together masterworks from their materials, whether it be fabric or 16mm physical film.

He is earning his MFA degree from the Motion Pictures & Television Department at ArtU, and was lucky enough to be accepted into Spring Show for both his own department and the Department of Music & Sound Design for Visual Media. He hopes you enjoy his work and are inspired by it.

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