Kyle Olvera

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / BFA

Kyle Olvera's time at AAU gave him a solid foundation upon which to build his skills and quickly use them in real-world applications. He found that his skills and understanding were enhanced when he incorporated what he learned in the classroom within different professional contexts. Whether working on set as a boom op, or mixing down stems for short film, Olvera learned quickly in order to adapt to my work environment. Even now, during these isolated times, he is still successful from his home studio and maintains productivity comparable with his pre-pandemic workflow.

Apart from competency in sound design, Olvera gained a strong foundation in music production at AAU. He has mastered the principles of mixing and understanding of what to look for and how to measure and listen for different elements in a track. As a result of his work at AAU, Olvera has gained internships at One Union Studios and Outpost Studios, where he deepened those skills even more. Additionally, he has worked in a wide range of capacities on film sets for the past seven years.

Olvera's demo reel was a work in progress even before it was assigned in class, and it brings together some of the best material he has created to date. He hopes you enjoy his reel.

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